Update on beta-testing applications

There are 21 beta-testers at the moment, including the preselected few (which I cannot be bothered counting at the moment). There are some pleasing additions to the team, including some people with professional qualifications that should make the final release of Tsukihime totally sweet.

Remember, you have to be extremely dedicated and really play the hell outta the game. You may be sick of the game by the time it’s over, too.

And to people who might potentially miss out, you may still have a chance if you have excellent qualifications, or otherwise you may take the spots of the people who don’t manage to do anything useful. And yes, I mean it. Beta-testers who don’t do anything WILL be booted off the team.

By the way, two blogs have been posted. Read them if you want to know a bit more about the staff’s lives 🙂

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