Tsukihime English Release!!!

Yes, the moment of truth has arrived. It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the translation installer available for direct download in two locations, mirror 1 and mirror 2, and for torrent. This 27 MB installer is for Windows 98 or higher. Support for OSX and Linux will be forthcoming. Anyone interested in helping can contact us directly. The readme is located here.

As a reminder, please do not distribute this installer along with any torrents of the game. Keeping our translation group out of trouble is the best way to ensure future planned releases, such as Melty Blood and Fate/stay night.

Here are two saved searches on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Please note that all results are not Tsukihime or Tsukibako… EvoSpace’s site (Archived) has pictures of Tsukihime merchandise so you know what’s what. If you have any doubts about what you are buying, ask someone who knows Japanese… I recommend the use of an auction agent such as Shopping Mall Japan. Sorry it is so expensive…

Search for Tsukibako (eBay) or Tsukihime (eBay).

Thank you, and enjoy the release!

EDIT (chendo): If you want to report a bug, please drop by into the #mirrormoon channel on irc.irchighway.net and have the stderr.txt and stdout.txt contents on a pastebin ready.

EDIT (TheXev): There is a thread in the forums for reporting bugs as well. Click here (Archived) to access it.

EDIT (TheXev): Here is a thread for reporting typos and misspellings (Archived).

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