April Fools: Tsukihime 2 English v1.0

As most of our readers undoubtedly are aware, things have been relatively quiet on mirrormoon.org for some time now. With the release of the perhaps the last free Windom translation (link) and our entire Melty Blood lineup (link), most of our projects have moved into a category best described as ‘finished and closed, barring some possible updated release some time in the future if we suddenly get inspired to update something’. This has led to the somewhat sad truth that we have only one project (link) listed as active, and that that project has not been very active at all, all things considered.

The problem mirror moon faces as a group is that most active members have progressed in their lives to a point where they do not have a lot of free time to spend on ‘other things’, so that doing large scale translation projects becomes very difficult. And that’s not something easily fixed, because publicly asking for new group members is the best way to not get the people we want.

However, all is not lost! For while the active projects have not been making quick progress, there has been this little project (link) not listed on the main page at all, and it has actually seen a lot of work done over the past year. That is right, we have kept our promise. It may have been dismissed as a joke, but after one year, we really do release the one thing no one ever expected us to release.

Thus it is with fitting pride, and a great sense of accomplishment, that we today release:

Tsukihime 2 English v1.0


[US mirror] [EU mirror] [AU mirror] [RapidShare] [MegaUpload] [BitTorrent]

Forum Link

Typo/grammar and bug report

Happy April Fools. Please see the Fool’s Errand project page (link) for information on this release.

16 thoughts on “April Fools: Tsukihime 2 English v1.0

  1. Well, the same could be said to streaming direct music, even though people are still uploading amvs directly via youtube without any warning in the forums(while I got nearly banned for the former). Well, not that I really care, I don’t go there anymore. Forum rules business there is just too… tricky.

    All that being said, I guess I’ll order that Miko Mai OST or the game itself. It’ll be translated soon in Chinese anyways.

  2. Upon extracting the nsa file, it appears that it’s a mix of track from Phantom the Animation, Miko Mai, and some other tracks from unknown albums. Wouldn’t that be illegal though?

  3. It’s pretty obvious that I can only say yes to that, but then again so is the (ab)use of MBAC sprites as character images. It’s a dodgy practice at best, but except for masterpieces of VN storytelling the atmosphere stands or falls with the bgm, and I didn’t have time to find good public domain tunes. That would take ages, if it’s even possible.
    Add to that that the game is pretty bloody tiny all things considered, so I’d think that youtube does a lot more ‘damage’ than something like this. It’s only an April Fools joke, after all.
    Anyway, the archive file wasn’t supposed to be ripped open either. >_>

  4. Seconded for the request. Really nice tracks – even better than many of the ones from Melty Blood. What’s the source for the music stuff?

  5. im actually very surprised at the amount of work that was put into the scenario, with all the MB models and the BGM.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  6. Thanks guys for a great joke ^^ I hope ppl here will dl and install file instead od flooding that there is no T2.

    Its one of my fav days in the year, because we can see how many ppl around the world have sense of humor.
    You Tube joke was also nice. 🙂


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