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I would like to bring to your attention a translation project that several of my friends have been working on over the past year. While under more favourable circumstances I would be doing this simply because this game’s story is extremeley good, the current situation calls for a slightly more urgent call: We are having serious trouble finding a translator.

The project is Saya no Uta, a famous horror game created by Nitro+ (authors of Demonbane and Phantom of Inferno), giving a Lovecraft-like account of the excellent madness of a man lost of this world. The game is relatively short and the language is not extremely difficult, but the writing is more literary than colloquial so kanji abound. Don’t expect to be able to work through it easily with only one or two years of Japanese classes behind you. To illustrate, the first 15% of the game has been translated by sebasdoes who had to give up for spending the better part of his time reading dictionaries instead of actually translating.

We have requested help on the project page several times, we have posted calls for help in encubed gemot and we have asked around amongst our contacts for nigh on three months now. We are however still no single step further than before. I would therefore like to ask the following of our readership:
If you know someone who can handle a literary text of Japanese and translate it truthfully to (fair to decent) English, please ask that person if he/she is interested in translating this famous horror story with us. We may be able to supply that person with a free copy of the game in exchange (but not before most of the work is done). It is not absolutely necessary that this person finishes the entire script translation on his/her own, but it IS greatly preferred.

Note that this is not a mirror moon project, but some mirror moon people are involved in it. In fact we have all positions filled, except for the translator. People interested in this job are encouraged to contact Teus (link). Please spread the word, so that we can bring this great game to the English audiences!

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