APRIL FOOLS: Cleaning off the plate — with a new project!

For those who still don’t get it, this was an April Fools. Or is it? 🙂

With Utawarerumono and Fate/stay night English finally out of the door, we have spent the past few weeks reevaluating the titles still lying on our project plate. While work on the more high-profile games (most notably the TYPE-MOON ones) has shown more or less continuous progress over the past three years, we had to admit that several projects are just not working out for us.

As of late, most of the long-term staff members have been too busy to work on their old translation projects, and we have not been able to find anyone motivated enough to take over. The fact of the matter is, most of the open titles still require a lot of work.
We had a large staff meeting yesterday (the largest in Revolve and mirror moon history, in fact!), and we cast a vote on each single project that is still collecting dust in our portfolio. People in favour of keeping the project alive, had to agree to start/continue working on that project at least two days a week, starting next month (or know someone who would *certainly* want to do it). Everyone who could not make that pledge would have to vote for closing.

The result was painfully unanimous… Arcturus, Farland Symphony, Men at Work! 2, Vagrants and Brass Restoration are now all on hold indefinitely. Instead of these projects, we will focus on what has always shown to work the best for us: TYPE-MOON game translation. We’re not sure why, but other than Utawarerumono (which, if you’ll remember, was first started by Soylations), TYPE-MOON games are the only projects that have really made us work HARD.

Therefore, especially in light of the disappointment that the cancellation of the above projects will undoubtedly bring, we are very happy to report a new TYPE-MOON translation project! People have been begging us for this for as long as I can remember, and while we weren’t too fond of taking another huge project on our hands up until now, we have finally decided to translate TYPE-MOON’s most anticipated work: Tsukihime 2! With the combined abilities of our entire staff, we are planning on finishing this project in EXACTLY one year. Yes, you can quote us on that. Count the days, people. One way or another, we’re going to make this work.

Please visit the project page for more information about Tsukihime 2.

74 thoughts on “APRIL FOOLS: Cleaning off the plate — with a new project!

  1. lol, have some faith guys…but seriously though 0_0, it seems really doubtful, wonder when it really will come out then. XD it’s like starcraft 2, was supposed to come out in 1999 and it still hasn’t come out today 0_0.

  2. What would be more hilarious? Making two jokes out of it, one year to finish…comes right around the next April Fool’s…”Release it” next year XD and double the fun.

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  3. the characters and the basic plot were introduced, but the game itself isnt even released yet. and TYPE-MOON did not even make an announcement about it, i believe. i dont keep up with eroge news, so i cant say that i am definitely right, but i think it is definitely a prank.

  4. There is no Tsukihime 2, type-moon said that they were never going to make a Tsukihime 2. All the “Plot info” from the project section was taken from the school festival movie in Kagetsu-tohya. You guys fail at detecting trolls. You’ve also lost your trolling ability Message. I still liked that April fools joke last year on a Japanese site where they found a “leaked” version of a fighting game similar to Melty Blood but was Fate/stay night. Does anyone still have a link to that or is it long gone?

  5. well if it ture it will be great =)

    well reaction after reading the announcement

    surprise -> happy -> excited —> read comments —> crushed xD

    it it really is a joke like other members descriped it, it really worked lol

  6. I especially liked the “Red Red Mirror Moon, Under the Cerulean Air” part mostly being the reverse of the text under the title in Tsukihime 8)

  7. Hey this mean they are going to abandon the last route of fate stay night? i mean i was kind of expecting heavens feels since the fate route T_T

  8. dude it’s a skam just play along with the joke ^^, and yea you guys had me til i called my cousin on the congratz and found out that there was no such thing published, wp message 😛

    Also no matter how much moe taka may need i i don’t think that he could get the game the same day it was released, there would’ve been a Nasu wave by now xD

    ~Running off into the wind and buildings forever, Chris~

  9. Oh? Didn’t you hear? Type-MOON was so impressed with the work mirror moon did on the translation, that they decided to turn over the translation to them while the game was entering it’s finalization. Apparently sales skyrocketed on Fate/Stay Night after mirror moon got a hold of it, and they want to cash in on that earlier this time. 😛

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  10. It does contain legitimate news so it can stay up. The Tsukibako selling for $60 has gone down and I kinda wanted to see how many people commented in tears after actually trying to buy…I was one T_T

  11. I try not to notice…>.>

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  12. I think they should get some other stuff out of the way first before they finish Heaven’s Feel in F/SN, so they can concentrate on it 100%. 🙂

  13. They could also do none of it and leave everyone to learn Japanese ^_^ I think that gives them plenty of room to choose, don’t you?

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  14. Or maybe the people who fap constantly to F/SN can take a break and go do something productive. Wondering how hot the Heaven’s Feel h-scenes are gonna be isn’t productive. o.o

  15. I was more exciting for the UBW ones 😛 <3 Rin.

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  16. Rin was a damn bed warmer, sorry to say. x_X But anyways. I’m more in favor of a MBAC translation currently. Once you completely beat a route in F/SN… No real replay value unless you wanna go through the fight scenes again.

  17. I’m surprised to see how quickly this is being dismissed simply because it was April 1. The real joke could have been everyone blowing off the announcement “thinking” that it was all a hoax when in reality it was all true; The canceled projects, the acquired new project, etc… You know the saying “the greatest joke is the one not played?” Granted there is a lack of information out there do keep in mind that publishers don’t always release updates and new information on their products before hand. Something to think about…

    P.S. I heard that Type-Moon really were planning to make a Fate/stay night fighting game. Now I’m curious.

  18. It’s not because of a “lack of information” that makes it impossible, simple common sense dismisses it. A game needs to be released to be translated, Tsukihime 2 is not. Also if you’ll notice it has disappeared from the active projects spot, another clear indicator.

    If there is a FSN fighting game it will be pure win.

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  19. As of now and the near future, there is no Fate/stay night fighting game, that was last year’s April Fool’s joke. Also regarding Tsukihime 2, even Type-moon said that they weren’t going to do it, they don’t want to milk the series.

    tl;dr Tsukihime 2 is never going to happen, and a F/SN fighting game is unlikely.

    6/10 Should troll again, but it wasn’t enough to make me rage.

  20. FSN fighting game is reality, i saw screenshots and dled this game but rar was somehow broken, so i couldnt repack it. its old game like 3 years old, and was released only in japan. Screenshots contained front cover and rear, which displayed fighting saber with archer, and rin with sakura i think.

  21. An F/SN fighting game is indeed under development by Capcom; it’s due for the arcades in the near future as well (June 2008). Check out its home page for details and a couple of pretty cool trailers:


    Warning: the first(latest) movie trailer contains spoilers for HF.

  22. I think the fighting game’s called Fate\Sword Dance.
    He That Hath Understanding, Let Him Count the Number of the Beast; For it is the Number of a Man: and its Number is Six Hundred, Sixty and Six

  23. I feel so thoroughly violated. ;_; And here I thought this was real at first, until I saw the publishing date and remembered that Japan has a 12-hour difference against America. ;_;

  24. Just because it was last year’s April Fool’s day joke doesn’t mean anything now. A whole twelve months have past since then. Things that were false then can (and are) be real now. As other’s have verified for me, it is real and in production.

  25. Not true. In “theory” if Type-Moon wished for a dual release, as in releasing a game on the same day as the translation is completed they could delay production/release of their product. This would allow people who don’t understand Japanese to enjoy the product more readily than have to wait for a translation post-release of a game. In order for this theory to pan out however Type-Moon would have to be suppling Mirror Moon/Revolve with the scripts and/or storyboards so that Mirror Moon/Revolve would know what they are translating. Such dual projects are possible but very difficult to achieve.

    I’m not saying that this is true or not. I’m just saying that it is a possible to be translating something that’s not available to the open public yet. Your probably right and it is a hoax. All I was saying is that if it wasn’t a hoax, and everyone thought that it was, that would be an even cooler April Fool’s day joke.

  26. Well of course it would be a cooler April Fool’s joke, because we would all be fooled trying to point out that they didn’t fool us. (Or in some cases, fooled twice XD)

    If they wanted it translated they would hire a team to do so, not pass it along to fan translators. There’s a chance it could happen some day, and mirror moon is basically the best…but highly unlikely.

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  27. Ok I’m confused. In looking at one of the Mirror moon forum threads a person side that “Heaven’s Feel is on hiatus until we finish Tsukihime 2.” I’ll post the link so you’ll know I’m not making this up. http://forums.mirrormoon.org/viewtopic.php?t=1571

    Does this mean I (and others) were right about Tsukihime 2? If so than I’ll be glad to wait a year for Heaven’s Feel in exchange for Tsukihime 2.

  28. Well this game could not exist, that was a given. Now the problem is that the project page is back to its proper shape, and Fate is in the idle section I wonder for how long?

  29. At the sacrifice of sounding like a major idiot, why is it impossible for the game to not exist? Keep in mind that from the sounds of it, Type-Moon is still developing it themselves. I suppose it can’t exist yet if the project isn’t even finished but is that the only reason?

  30. It’s not “impossible”, since I really hate that word. Anything is possible, this is just unlikely by every stretch of the word (with mirror moon staff reading all this with much lulz). The reasons why it’s unlikely:

    1.) From what information I have, Type-MOON rejected the idea of creating a second Tsukihime.
    2.) All preview information for it was taken from Kagetsu Tohya.
    3.) Companies release promotional videos and/or have news conferences about upcoming games, very few would shoot for a stealth release. Advertising ahead of time is important. Nothing has been said thus far.
    4.) If Type-MOON was close enough to a release to think about a translation/dual release, they would approach a professional company to do so. mirror moon’s chances of getting the hands on an unreleased script is slim.

    Alone these reasons can be bypassed, but collectively it’s difficult to see this as plausible. We’re just adding to the lulz by debating though 😛

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  31. Thank you. At least this information is more plausible than “I can’t find it on Google so it must not exist” and that crap.

  32. Well I just checked the Japanese Wikipedia page of Tsukihime and there is mention of Tsukihime 2 on it: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%9C%88%E5%A7%AB_%28%E3%82%B2%E3%83%BC%E3%83%A0%29

    Warning – Spoilers About Original Tsukihime

    I’m too lazy to translate the whole section on Tsukihime 2, but here’s the rundown(as far as my JLPT 2 Japanese can understand).

    Tsukihime 2 is mentioned in Kagetsu Tohya. Details about the setting of the characters are also mentioned in “Character Material”, a fan disk released by TYPE MOON. However, the objective of releasing Tsukihime as a professional project (which is also discussed in the article earlier) has yet to be followed through on, to borrow the words of the scenario writer Nasu Kinoko, Tsukihime 2 is currently “A game within his head”.

    The article goes on to discuss some details that were released in a preview included in Kagetsu Tohya, and that the name of the working title for the game is currently “the dark six”.

    It also mentions that the timeline of the epilogue “Lunar Eclipse” (Gesshoku) of Tsukihime actually places it the day after the events of Tsukihime 2, and that the main character of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia was originally supposed to be a minor character in Tsukihime 2 are both made clear by Kinoko Nasu himself.

    And it goes on to discuss where the name come from and further plot overview.

    Summary: Feel free to correct anything I misunderstood from the Wiki, but it’s an April Fools Joke, Tsukihime 2 does not yet exist. However, if Mirror Moon actually does need something new to translate from Type Moon I’d point them to the announcement (FINALLY) of Mahoutsukai no Yoru on their website. Apparently to be released later this April.

    Mahoutsukai no Yoru is supposed to be the work that links Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, and Kara no Kyoukai (all of which take place in the same world). Woohoo!

  33. Ummm… guys? Aren’t you taking it a bit too far by now? I mean… it’s April 5th already… … XD

    EDIT : Ah, I just noticed the big ass “APRILS FOOLS”…
    Funny thing is, it’s still fooling people. XD

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