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  1. Hm.. I must say.. Steak is my favorite… You guys have corrected me. Beeeeeef. I shouldn’t just talk about meat here. Anyhow, Bible Black huh? That stuff scares me, *stays away from the stuff*. After Tsukihime, I guess I’ll play Fate /Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, which I have korean patches for ^_^.

  2. Yeah, you get to know Arc’s medium to give Shiki that kinky dream on Tsukihime. Although it is not an actual sequel, KT is awesome in its own league.

    Flower of Thanatos FTW.

  3. Well, time from a little update from me.

    I’ve moved out and haven’t been able to secure decent internet access yet so my contribution is close to nil at the moment.

    Not to mention my laptop is dying on me… random shutdowns every 10 minutes. I need that new Macbook Pro I’ve been wanting to get >_<

  4. hey… Macs are great… I think… never owned one in my life… and not being able to right click makes me wonder how do u use it to play games… and lack of compatibility for PC games is a problem… but that doesn’t make it any less great…

  5. Jesus Christ ;p

    It’ll be the first Apple product I’d own.. main reason is cause OS X is the last ‘mainstream’ OS I haven’t used as a primary OS, secondary reasons is cause it’s sexy and has a pre-802.11n chip.

    You can right click in OS X… it’s just that most macs ship with single-button mice. And with software like Boot Camp, you can install other operating systems on your Mac, including Windows (people have been installing Linux for quite a while).

  6. Well I guess if you can install windows on a mac, then that takes care of the compatibility problems… Which reminds me to ask… Can you install Tsukihime on a mac? Or are u gonna need that windows OS? Which is a question aimed at our most beloved Chendo, whom founded this entire endeavour.

  7. But even I, a dedicated Windows user, can answer that.

    Since the patch is being built with ONScripter, it will work with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

  8. …OMG.

    But, the patch should be installed OVER an existing Tsukihime installation, right? So how do you install the game in the first place(in Linux or Mac), before applying the patch?

    And how about other planned patches for Melty Blood etc? Will they work on Linux/Mac too?

    If yes then there’s no more reason for me to stick to windows…yay! (besides that command & conquer 3 which will be relased on 2007)

  9. the installer for the game (can’t comment on the patch) merely copies the files over from the cd. A directory on the cd contains all the game files you need so all you have to do is copy them over to your hard drive if you are running non-windows OS.

  10. Will the patch auto detect for installs of Tsukihime? or will it ask you to point out where you installed it in your PC? I think its the latter… but you never know…

  11. Thanks. I’ll look into that. Is it actually cannonical in the Tsukihime universe? Or is it just some kind of future AU telling? Also, is there an official sequel?

  12. Aw, darnies… Only a partial? All well. Even so, I don’t know why I still want anything to do with Tsukihime… After what happened with Kohaku… Such good writing, but I still can’t figure out if Kohaku’s had a good ending, or a bad ending. I liked Kohaku ever since I tried out Melty Blood, and then I FINALLY make my way to Hisui’s story in Tsukihime and… Man, so horrible… Anyone able to tell me why I want to even TRY anything else even remotely related to Tsukihime, even though Kohaku is probably never going to get another story?

  13. …Wow. Just finished Tsukihime. Pretty damn amazing. I was pretty depressed about Kohaku-san’s ending… I mean, more depressed about the story than the ending, which was, in all honesty, pretty happy. I just didn’t like the fact that she was waiting there in a dream, instead of reality. Anyway, I looked online and found out about Kagetsu Tohya. Is it a doujin game like Tsukihime? Also, any word on a possible translation? I looked at the faq, and it said not to ask Mirror Moon, so I figured I’d ask the community. ^_^ Thanks.

  14. Kagetsu Tohya is a fan-disc that is set in the time of one year after the events of Tsukihime, and continues from Arcueid’s Good Ending. it has no real story to it, at least not heavily plotted like Tsukihime is. it is about Shiki getting into an accident, ends up him being trapped in a dream created by Len, Arcueid’s succubus which she used to give him the “pleasure” dream in Tsukihime, where he repeats a day over and over in an infinite cycle where there are infinitely many endings to the day. i believe that some group was thinking of putting a translation group together for this, but it is undecided and unknown. you can try to find a group who might be doing it, or convince other active visual novel translating group to translate it, but since it is a fan-disc, it wont be likely done.

  15. I think the phrase ‘A beautiful Ending’ is more appropiate. I can hardly understand why most people think of true endings as a ‘sad’ ending. From an analytical point of view most of the true endings actually shows the most character development and are more realistic which is probably why Type-Moon really gained an edge over some other eroges(note i said some, i haven’t played too many to comment on it).
    In any case the blend of creating a believeable yet fantastical universe is what really caused me to fall in love with Kara No Kyoukai, Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime.

  16. Well actually there is an english patch out there but mind you it’s not the actual main story of Kagetsu Tohya. I forgot who made the patch but I found it a while back and its ver. 0.3

    Anywho, they only translated the side stories that really have no true relevance to the story of the Tsukihime universe (unless you count that side story for Akiha’s True Ending)

  17. If your talking about that they come from the same doujin company of TYPE-MOON then yes.

    Otherwise there’s this helpful little pic that can depict any and ALL relations to the TYPE-MOON universe (like anything that has been done by them)
    That’s the link to the relationship chart.

    It’s kinda funny how there’s this ONE fine line of connection b/w Tsukihime and F/SN even they would be considered pretty much separate.

    Oh and I love the Tsukihime visual novel. My reaction went something like this:

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