KnK Opening

Kara no Kyoukai/Opening

July, 1998.

I safely finish my first job since I got employed at Tohko-san’s office. Well, what I do is more like a secretary thing and all I did was get all the contract approved with the help of a lawyer. I’m discontent for being treated like a beginner, but I know best myself that I deserve it after dropping out of college.

“Mikiya-kun, wasn’t today the day you go to the hospital?”

“Yes. I’ll go after work.”

“You can get out early. There’s nothing to do anyways.”

Tohko-san turns into a really nice person with her glasses on. Today is one of those lucky days and she is cleaning the handle of her lovely vehicle.

“Then I’ll be going. I should be back in about two hours.”

“Bring me back something!”

Leaving Tohko-san behind, I leave the office.

Once a week, on Saturday afternoon, I go to visit her. I go visit Ryohgi Shiki, the girl that is unable to speak since that night. I don’t know what kind of trouble she was going through or what she tried to do. I don’t even know why she tried to kill me. But her smile at the very last moment is enough for me. As Gakuto said, I am insane about Shiki from a long time ago. I can’t go back to being normal after being almost killed just once.

Shiki, who’s sleeping in the hospital room, is the same since that night. I remember that day me and Shiki were talking in the classroom in the sunset. She asked me what part of her I could believe in. I repeat my answer from back then.

… I have no basis, but I will continue to believe in you. I like you, so I want to keep on believing in you…

… What an immature answer. I said I had no basis, but I actually had one. I can declare that with confidence that she would not kill anyone, . Because Shiki knows the pain of murder. As she is the victim and the assaultant… She knows more than anyone how sad murder is.

That’s why I belive in her. Shiki, who does not get hurt. And SHIKI, who only has hurt.

… She was always so fragile, about to get hurt. You could not even let out once your true feelings…


There are three prepared pieces

A person with two bodies that floats with reliance on death.
A non-adaptable existence which takes pleasure from being in contact with death.
A person with an awakened origin who turns to its ego by running away to death.
They all intertwine with one another and waits at the spiral of conflict.

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