Insertion progress

Just a quick update on the insertion progress.

I am up to scene 300 as of tonight/this early morning.

The scene numbers range from 20 (God knows why) and 545, with some scenes skipping a number. I didn’t do anything on Monday (went to school for a meeting, got a free bus trip to the city, played WoW, etc) and I went from 145 to 300 in 2 hours.

Then I’ll have to piece together a working patch and do some alpha testing… then beta-testing will commence.

By the way, I left my guild, Comrade on Firetree because the GM Hordeprefect and a fair bit of the officers left (<3 Dave, Goay, Dasha, Trebble, Bouncy, and whoever I missed). I posted a thread on the realm forums and I eventually signed up with Vanquish with Bouncy and Murias. Feral druids in 1.8 FTW!

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