Inserter COMPLETE!

Sashikomi v1.0 is complete!

I’m quite happy what I’ve done with it, considering it was my first proper Python and first PyGTK program I did. Huge thanks to tepache for code sketching… making UIs with pure code is a real PITA, I can tell you.

The old process was something painful like this:
Run inserter from beginning. Something breaks. I open log file with AppLocaled Notepad (since console can’t display Japanse, ugh), see where the faults are, open both script and translation, see where it is, then fix. Doing this for one error takes at least a minute.

Sashikomi allows me to choose what script to run and on error, loads up the offending files, scrolls down and highlights the offending line. I can then change, save, and re-run.

Here’s a screenshot.
[img_assist|fid=10|thumb=1|alt=Sashikomi v1.0]

As you can see, Sashikomi halted because the lines differ and the similarity is below 0.9.

This should greatly speed up insertion process. Insertion should be done in 3 days, and then beta-test should start not too long after that (hopefully).

Sucks to be all the Australians resuming school tomorrow (I have another week :D)

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