The confusing large explosion of this week.

Okay, so all I want to do is move to Florida, right? The job market in my area stinks and I’m sick of only working jobs that will pay no more then $6.50, with tons of forced overtime and hard labor. It’s time for me to get the hell out of here and it looks like a friend will put me up in Florida for awhile.

First this hurricane comes threw and devastates Louisiana and all of the surrounding areas. This has raised the gas prices in my area from $2.50 to $2.70 in a little less then two days time. I waited in a long line for $2.55 gas at a new Circle K (they just bought out Dairy Mart apparently) while the other stations in that town were priced at $2.65. We’ve got it pretty good in this area of Pennsylvania though, while there are parts of the country with gas at $3.00, or even $5.00 in area’s of Florida.

So, after putting up with getting my car fixed up enough so it will survive the trip to Florida, it has become very unrealistic to even think about bringing my car down there. My insurance rates haven’t been all that bad, but putting gas into it is such a costly expenditure now. I get the feeling if I do bring the car with me to Florida, that I’d end up putting all my money into gas, instead of saving money into improving the car to do some off-the-street racing with it (this is a 85’ Nissan 200SX Turbo S12 for anyone who might actually care).

On top of all of this, I am a bit worried about being able to participate at Revolve and MirrorMoon over the coming months. With Tsukihime entering the insertion stage, and Melty Blood just about ready to get a surge in the translation department because of all the free translators, I feel like I’ll hold the Melty Blood project back from where it otherwise could be and I’ll miss out on the Tsukihime project I seem to have become a less and less part of as MirrorMoon gained more and more support. I already feel pretty lousy for my lack of participation with the Tsukihime project since chendo took over, so I really want to spend a lot of time on the insertion process. However there is the little issue of this move to FL.

So, the question is this: How do I move myself to FL without my car, and still be able to take my computer and bed down? It seems like a damned if I do, damned if I don’t scenario. If I take the car down, I’ll be paying outrageous gas prices and will have to make a stop or two on the way down? Even though my car is equipped with a factory alarm, that’s the problem, it’s the factory alarm. I just don’t want my stuff stolen out of it while I make an overnight stop (or two) somewhere. Also, once I get to FL, will I really be able to find a place to store the car for awhile and actually be able to afford the cost of this storage?

Now for the flip side of this scenario, I leave the car here and come back for it later. When I eventually do want to bring it down to FL I’d most likely have to tow it down somehow, because the cost of putting enough money into it so it would pass PA inspection, plus PA plate registration would just be outrageous. Also, how would I get my bed and computer down there if I took the bus or train down? Damn this dilemma I’m having.

I suppose the best way to go down would be to have someone else drive with me, so I could sleep in the car part way down, and we could do a not stop trip. Then I don’t have to worry about staying somewhere where the stuff in my car might magically disappear. So that leaves my mom as the only real candidate, and she has already told me she doesn’t like the idea of trying to sleep in the car. Even then, once she’s down there, she will probably want me to take her down to my parent’s old friends place (and even farther trip) and drop her off there so she can look at a job.

Such a pain in the ass… this week is.

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