We are nearing the beta testing stage, and I would like to clear up some confusion.

Beta-testing will probably start within a month from now, assuming nothing major happens with insertion (ported the code to python for its easier foreign encoding support) and that I get a suitable way of reporting bugs in the code logic or rephrasing of sentences.

We will be limiting beta testing to around thirty people (excluding the staff and the people I’ve already talked to). Before you bombard me with emails, please note we will only be accepting people that are actually dedicated, preferably have some sort of writing experience, able to understand how to follow instructions, yet be able to work with own initiative, and knowledge of the Tsukihime storyline (not the anime) would be quite useful.

Please sign up for an account and then contact me via email, supplying your account username, short profile and affiliation with any fan-translation groups (manga, anime or game) if any. I will be adding you to the beta-testing group and probably supply a test script once I get the time.

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