I’m starting a Cardfight Vanguard IRC channel

So, no one on the entire internet seems to want to run an English Cardfight!! Vanguard IRC channel.. well, I have decided that I will!

I may not be around 24/7 because I lack a connection to do so, but I’ll help organize some admins and keep a channel open! We’ll focus on English Vanguard, but we can also discuss and play Japanese Vanguard for the super hardcore, and mock Korean Vanguard while we’re at it!

I want to make a newb friendly environment where we can teach people how to play and maybe even form a amateur league where we can test our skills and enhance our play level!

So if you speak English and play Vanguard in either Japanese or English, join my new IRC channel on #cf-vanguard @ IRCHighway.net.

Anyone who is new to IRC chat can read this guide by TV-Nihon that explains the basics! This channel will be located on IRCHighway, but the rest like registering a nickname still applies! mIRC is the preferred client for most people using Windows.

Remember, IRC can be slow. Just because there are people in a channel and no one is around, if you hang around (aka lurk long enough) someone will get back to you. I am just starting this channel, so its even more important for people to lurk until we develop some regulars! Hopefully this will turn out big and we’ll have a cool online Vanguard spot to meet people to play with!

Click here to use Java for #cf-vanguard Online Chat

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