Utawarerumono Release! (With Version 1.1 Update) (Added Voice Support!)

Utawarerumono translation patch has been released!

While I consider this an open beta release because it did not undergo the same level of internal proofing as our other releases, please play and enjoy it to the fullest!

The release is currently compatible with the PC DVD version.

This fixes the improper line breaking in the beginning and the installer bug when patching a Japanese installation (see Readme for details).

Utawarerumono English version 1.1

Download Links:

Rapidshare Download
Megaupload Download

Voice Patch

Also, krfsm has announced on the forums his creation of a patch which allows the importation of voice files from the PS2 version. Read the details here.

Utawarerumono Typo/Grammar Mistake Report [v1.1]
Utawarerumono Bug Report [v1.1]

NOTE: Version 1.0 had messed up line spacing up until the 2nd battle because I was using an old text input program that made the line length 43 instead of 40 characters long. This made things run over and offset proper line breaks. My comp died and I obtained an old copy of the program… this was fixed. I recommend getting the update, which also allows you to patch an existing Japanese installation. Has a rumored ability to work with kitchen appliances as well.

Comments on the forums

Just like with our other releases, no discussion of obtaining the game by any illegal means. I’m not interested in engaging in any philosophical debate over this topic.

We’re not hosting torrents of the game and we don’t want to see our patch hosted along with any illegal copies of the game.

This is not meant to be endorsement of these stores, but Utawarerumono can be bought from these locations:

Paletweb’s Utawarerumono (cheaper)
Himeyashop’s Utawarerumono

Give the original authors and staff your best support!

45 thoughts on “Utawarerumono Release! (With Version 1.1 Update) (Added Voice Support!)

  1. This is great Utawarerumono finally completed thank you so much. I was a little shocked that this came out first rather than F/SN UBW route but it doesn’t matter as long as they’re completed and not abandoned.Thx again for your hard work!!!

  2. Thanks for hard work you all put in this project. First Tsukhime, now this and in near future Fate… Im glad I have similar taste to Mirror Moon staff when it comes to anime and games. You made my day.
    Right, I forgot to say thanks to ppl from Soylations group!!

  3. Aahhh!!!
    This is excellent news!
    I have been loking for this patch and now it´s finaly ready

    Thanks so much everybody who work in this project!!

  4. Seriously guys, you can’t release something like this two days before my exam… how can i concentrate on studying now? >_>
    It’a all your fault if i fail this time. >_>
    Btw, nice release guys, i was looking forward to it nearly as much as the UBW route patch. I love you guys, you are awesome! ^^

  5. WoW im so excited about the Fate:Ubw that i refresh the site 10 times per day? Now i dont want to sound like an asshole(even though i do) but is by any chance any eta about the installer? I know u do a goodjob as well that u r working for free and im not asking as an impatient bastard but as an excited fun.Sorry and Thank you in advance.

  6. My sincere gratitude. This really is an incredible prestation!
    Really, after playing through a chunk of it, I could swear this was translated by a professional (paid XD) localisation team!! (And that’s saying something about your dedication and effort!)

    Again, my sincere gratitude for this! I don’t really know how to put it into words… XD

    Keep up the good work!

  7. hell its better than the official teams which takes like 8 month to release stuff like the english version of Princess Waltz (still waiting on it) You guys win internet

  8. No this is better than the professionals here are some prime examples

    The miracle never happen.


    Congraturation, This story is happy end, thank you.
    Being the Wise and covrageour Knight that you are you feel strongth welling in your body return to starting point challenge again!

    Conglaturation !!! You have completed a great game. and prooved the justice of our culture. Now go and rest our heroes.

    What happen
    Somebody set up us the bomb.
    We get signal.
    What !!
    Main Screen turn on
    Its you!!!
    How are you Gentlemen !!
    All your base are belong to us!!

    Remember to flash the toilet.

    I feel asleep!!!

    You’re Winner !

    Do not want!!!

  9. shit..damn it…they are too moe…and i’m pretty sure i just saw Saber…..and my urge to fuck Kamyu is almost unbearable…damn it…how long till i got her H-scene???

  10. i just finished normal mode and i have to say, this game is the best ive ever played, but the end made me sooooo depressed. i just wished it could have lasted longer, now i have a hole in my heart knowing that ill never get to see eruruw, or kamyu, or yuzuha do different things and living their lives, i wish there was a sequel or even a really long omake. anyways, can’t wait for ubw!!

  11. Hi!, thank you so much for your hard work!!!.
    The game was great!, i finished it a few minutes ago, i must say the ending would be more satisfying if it had a path for each heroine but i can’t ask for more.
    Great job!!

  12. Muchas gracias… no saben cuanto he deseado poder jugar este juego y por fin voy a poder…
    P.D. Tambien estoy esperando con ansiedad el parche de UBW…

  13. Yay! Utawarerumonyoro~

    Thanks guys, really awesome!!!! 😀

    I forgot how sad it was, though ;_;

    “Sleep comes like a drug, in God’s country..”

  14. Epa! que copado que alguien hable en español!!, aguante Argentina!!.
    After the three levels of hard, is there something extra or unlocked to play?. Thanks.

  15. I don’t know mirror moon seems to do just fine at catching errors and problems ahead of time (other than the original word overlap, which actually didn’t effect my game play much). Thank you everyone for such a beautifully finished project, allowing me to finally get a chance to cry again, just even more this time.

    Beating this on Hard 3 is going to take a lot of effort, but 1 and 2 were fairly easy compared to it.

    Thanks again!

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  16. Wow, this game is really awesome! Thank you very, very, VERY much for your hard work, everybody ^^
    Never knew, that this game even existed until I saw your translation project and after that, I instantly went to buy the game (oh how lucky it was, that I didn’t get the CD version…). So again: Arigatou *bow*

  17. You unlock the extra difficulty modes in the omake (in Training) by talking to Iwasaki Neko (I think that’s his name off the top of my head) and asking for a challenge.

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