QED Screencast #1

I have done up a screencast of QED showcasing the basic features.

This is my first screencast so it’s terrible, some things bug out here and there, and I constantly have to switch between Dvorak and Qwerty otherwise you would be wondering why I’m saying L when it shows up as N, etc :p

Please be warned: This video contains POSSIBLE SPOILERS for ALL ROUTES IN FATE/STAY NIGHT!

I avoid the UBW and HF files, but the dashboard contains maybe ten lines out of HF Day 4. From what I read, it’s not that much different to the other Day 4s, so maybe not.

The screencast is encoded with H264 in the Quicktime container, so you’ll either need Quicktime or Quicktime Alternative to view it. The size is 31.3mb and the duration is 23 minutes and 39 seconds.



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