F/sn progress

Okay, onto the serious stuff. The F/sn translation has been progressing smoothly. With the help of Danj and sebasdoes, the current script is getting most of the typos and grammar mistakes ironed out of it. All the graphics for the Saber route have been edited, but puKKa and TakaJun found some errors which need to be fixed, no biggie. Once the script has been fixed up, I’ll incorporate it into the latest beta patch build (for beta testers only). There are still a few issues that need addressing though, such as the chapter titles and choices word wrapping problem, and crashing errors that occur after word wrapping the script (this can be fixed in one day). So we’re getting closer, but there is still much work to be done. ^^

26 thoughts on “F/sn progress

  1. Man I can’t wait for this to be done!! Big fat tasty oatmeal, butterscotch cookies for all involved!!

    Don’t knock ’em if you haven’t tried ’em! They’re really good!

  2. All this progress and cookie talk is making me drool 😉
    Yum Fate/Stay Night… *pictures f/sn as a cinnabon*
    can’t wait!!

  3. Too many positive replys. I think we need to delay the release of Saber Route for a few months, or years >:D

    /me steals the cookie.
    Arch needs beer, and so needs Taka ;DD

  4. Yes! It is nearly finished!
    Honestly, I’m an avid fan of archer in FSN in the TV series.
    I can’t wait for the true UBW in visual novel!
    At last I’ll know everything.
    Keep up your best work.
    Hope we inspired you in testing….

  5. Almost THERE!!! I’m dying for this! DYING!!! VERY good job to everyone who worked on this translation. I love you all so much.
    Lol, everytime I check to see that there’s another day finished, I get so giddy.

    I have no cookies to offer, I’m afraid…. My dad owns a beer warehouse though. Maybe, a free tour/sampling would be in order?

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