Tsukihime Image Editing Complete

Image editing is now complete, thanks to puKKa joining our crew and doing a fantastic job over just two days (we thought he was finished the first day, but then realized we forgot to give him a ton of files).

All that remains is a few release engineering things, and that process is going more or less smoothly.

EDIT: Sorry, I was a little excited. This is for Tsukihime.

42 thoughts on “Tsukihime Image Editing Complete

  1. You guys rock. This translation project has been in the making for so many years, but it’s good to know that quality hasn’t been compromised in trying to rush a translation.


  2. lol, btw i want to ask something……
    Tsukihime project means that Mirrormoon will sent out the game , not just the translation right?btw what will you guys use to sent out that file?bittorrent or Mirc, or upload it in some site(like megaupload or gigashare)???

    and GJ guys^^…i really love this game^^, i have watched the anime and try to play the Japanese version of this games( i gave up after 2 hours playing…..still need more skill in Japanese..T_T)

  3. Ive been lurking here for about a year too… guess i finally got the courage to post something…
    Well done, we all really appreciate the work you guys do, and after waiting for like a year, a few more months isn’t anything…
    as for raidragon, there will only be the translation patch, you’re gonna gave to buy the game yourself… its only like what? $500 on ebay? πŸ˜› unless i misunderstood your question.

  4. lol…..so, i must have the game myself(luckily i do^^) and MirrorMoon only give the english patch………btw if we use the english patch, can it become like translated visual novel(the text in the game is become english) or the text is in other window(other notepad that will translate all of the japanese word)?i hope it’s not the second…….btw for what they edit the image then?well, actually i prefer if this site sent out the game with translated text………like many Visual Novel i have read before….(Narcissu and Fate/Stay Night Prologue^^)……lol, but i think i can’t ask much since i got it for free…^^, nice work guys^^

  5. I’m sure that MirrorMoon will just be distributing a patch, which will fully translate the game’s text into English. The game itself is over 200 megs, anyway.

    Anyway, I’ve been a visual novel fan for a while now, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating this translation. Awesome job, guys – I can’t wait to play your translation.

  6. I have a question on how the patch will be distributed when its finished. Would it be through your website host’s FTP, or through a p2p program like bit torrent?

  7. Great Job guys..it takes alot of dedication, love of the subject matter, and the ability to see the light at the end of a long tunnel to take on a project like this, let alone complete it. You guys have my serious admiration.

    Yes..I’m one of those ‘guys’ that is just getting around to posting because it looks like things are about finished, and yes..


    Ah well, nevermind..you know what I mean.

  8. OMFG! *dies of a fangasm*
    I’ve been waiting so long for this patch! ^^ ….like nearly every one else that’s posted, lozl. Neee~ Can’t wait for it to be released! I love you guys for doing this! *hugs for all of MirrorMoon*

  9. i have got to stop checking this site like 10 times a day …

    EDIT – I would just like to know will this translation patch be for tsukihime alone or will it cover the PLUS disc as well

  10. Congratulations again for getting this far on the project. Hopefully there won’t be any problems between now and release day…

    I think I remember someone saying that PLUS disk and Kagetsu Tohya would be worked on after Tsukihime.

    Speaking of after, I was wondering whether Revolve and Mirror Moon would continue to work together on projects after Tsukihime is finished.

  11. This patch will only translate the original version of Tsukihime. We may decide to work on the PLUS-DISK or KT at some point in the future, but we have no active plans in that direction at this time.

  12. Wow, thats great. Finally can play translated tsukihime game. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. Congratulation and thanks for u all guys. By the way, when and where can this patch be downloaded and what is it a torrent or direct download?

  13. I have no real plans to translate after the project is finished. The translations for Melty Blood, Melty Blood ReAct and Melty Blood Act Cadenza are finished (well, I have two characters that need win quotes for Act Cadenza), so those are other projects that are in the works. Again, the translations for those are as good as finished; we are just working on the computer scripting side of things.

    That being said, anyone who wants to help out with the programming side of things for Melty Blood and Melty Blood ReAct should contact TheXev.

  14. GREAT job, everyone. This post finally makes me register here, after lurking for 6 months or so. You all are saviors for people like me who can’t read Japanese..

    umm, if I may ask, my copy of Tsukihime is only about 103 MB… is anything wrong with my copy? There’s only 5 files in the folder… 月姫.exe, nscript.dat, scrunarc.dll, jpgplugin.dll, and arc.sar (this one is 100MB and contains the graphic & sounds)

    I got this from a friend, and when I tried it runs without a problem. I’m just worried if the patch won’t run or this is the half moon copy… it’s kind of suspicious.

    Anyone can explain?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. apart from the fact that you’ll be missing the music since it’s cd audio, that’s everything in the game. Since the translated game runs using onscripter, the open source version of the engine the original tsukihime game used, all you need are the data files. So arc.sar and possibly nscript.dat though I’m not certain about that second one. Pretty much you have what you need to play it once the translation comes out as a new executable file will be provided.

  16. Thanks a lot!
    Well, I forget to mention that it’s a mixed mode cd (which I consider unusual)… So TH runs the program from the HD, and the music from CD. That’s new to me.

    Yayy~~ Can’t wait then!

    *off working on all assignments in advance to anticipate a TH all-nighter.

  17. Tsukihime won’t be “an” all-nighter. You’ll probably need a couple ^^
    I don’t know about the English one, but the Japanese one takes about 30 hours (at least) to complete all the routes. Just giving people a heads-up.

    I, personally, have no plans in the future either to translate KT or Plus Disc, just because I have too much other stuff on hand. Plus Disc should be easy though since it only has one short story, so I might consider that after I’m all done with the other stuff.

    *I keep thinking TH stands for To Heart

    *Just to increase people’s expectations, uploaded old image file:
    MWAHAHAHA(evil laugh)

  18. As I recall (so this may be false) from talking with Ryuu, he already played through and commented/talked about/effectively translated KT on a thread in beastslair. There’s also something they do with the engine that technically makes it very difficult to translate.

  19. Heh. It was actually tjm who has that big walkthrough thread on The Beast’s Lair. I think EvoSpace’s website also has a link to the same thread.

  20. Wow, almost over huh?
    Damn, it’s a shame to see you guys don’t have many real plans for now, I was kinda hoping you’d go on to translate more stuff =P

    But damn… Eagerly anticipating all releases >.<

  21. Yeah, it’s too bad, but I can’t blame you for not wanting to translate some more. Have fun (or try to) with whatever else it is you’re doing.

    (After this post went up I’ve been having constant urges to check the site. I need a way to distract myself until the patch is out.)

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