Interesting Tsukihime Statistics

Found some interesting stats about the Tsukihime translation today.

It has:

  • 64366 lines of text
  • 611374 words
  • 3400830 characters.

This was found by doing `grep “^\`” * -h | sed s/[\@\`\\]//g – | wc`, so it includes spaces and quotation marks.

611374 words is around 1910.5 pages (assuming 320 words per page. I got this number by 32 lines * average of 10 words per line in the nearest book I found – “A Practical Handbook for the Actor”. Apparently it’s a fairly standard number, anyhow),

EDIT: Ryuusoul says 1954 is for the hardcover.

Lord of the Rings paper back (whole set) is 1210 pages (according to Ryuusoul). So if you’ve played all routes you could probably claim to have read a ‘novel’ of longer than LotR 🙂

Assuming 90gsm paper at 0.12mm per page, doublesided, it comes out to being 11.4cm thick.

There are 11012 unique words in Tsukihime. Found by doing `grep “^\`” * -h | tr ‘A-Z’ ‘a-z’ | sed -e “s/[\@\`\\]//g” -re “s/[^a-z]+/\n/g” – | sort | uniq | wc`, so it counts all variations of words, including all the “aaaaaaah”s and whatnot.

Link for word stats in alphabetical order.
Link for word stats sorted by number of times they appeared.

Interesting word counts:

  • Akiha: 3552
  • Shiki: 2859
  • Hisui: 2199
  • Kohaku: 1599
  • Arcueid: 1436
  • Ciel: 595

There’s probably more but I’m too lazy to look.

Keep in mind Fate/Stay Night is around three times longer than Tsukihime… Hot damn!

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