Webhosting trouble

Well, it’s getting closer to the time of the year I always dread: Webhosting payment.

We’re okay… although we only managed to get $8 in our Adsense account (we’re sharing the hosting with manga-sketchbook.org) last month. Hosting costs $19.95 a month. Donations (on manga-sketchbook.org) aren’t consistent, either.

There are a few options:

  1. Put Google ads here.
  2. Donate button.
  3. Resell webhosting.

Of course, 1. isn’t that good, since it’s not consistent, and you usually don’t get any good ads anyway. The donate button.. not many people donate. I think. However, I think people might pay for webhosting because they get something back, and it’s pretty good.

What I’m thinking at the moment is 5gb of space, 50gb of bandwidth with full features (PHP4/5, MySQL, email, whatnot), and we’ll host your domain if you have one or you can just get .mirrormoon.org or something, all for $4 USD a month, no setup fees. If we can get 5 people, we’re set. Unless you decide you don’t want hosting anymore, then we might get a bit panicky.

Please post suggestions, discuss or register your interest below.

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