Tsukihime Status

Insertion is finally complete after having to update our translations to the 2.1 version of the script. Expect beta to start soon.

All beta-testers, please contact me via email regarding your availability. Judging by the amount of people that are able to test, we may be looking for more beta testers.

Edit: By the way, I’ve noticed we need a favicon. If anyone is able to create one for us that’ll be great ^_^

EDIT: And by beta-testers, I mean EXISTING beta-testers. I am waiting for the availability of existing ones first before I consider getting any new ones. I am deleting all emails regarding beta-testing if you’re not an existing tester.

Edit: Thanks for soulanger for the favicon ^_^

26 thoughts on “Tsukihime Status

  1. Weeee! now the beta testings starting. When will the full release be available. BTW, whats the difference of beta, incomplete dialogs?

  2. Beta is when people test the game out to see if there are any bugs or errors, and then if there’s no problems, it’s realeased or fixed for the noticed problems. Right??? xD

  3. good job and thanks for the awesome work!
    just a question: is it going to be an appliable patch or a pre-patched game release?

    *raises hand for beta-testing* ^-^

  4. Why the hell a CLOSED beta? I can understand when commercial software does this, but a free fan translation? That just makes no sens….

  5. There was already a previous testing team of volunteers from the community that was set up before Ryuusoul began the re-write. It was never a “closed” testing in that sense.

  6. Because the first thing that most Tsukihime fans would do if they see any version of the patch out would be just do play it, regardless of status, and come away disappointed by the bugs, a couple of typos, lack of some English menus, etc.

    This is to prevent general disappointment and since the beta-testing is going to be quite rigorous (each person will be assigned certain sections, etc), having an open beta will just completely undermine the beta process.

  7. I don’t think waiting a little longer will kill anyone, but just building the tension and suspense of wanting to play the game. Either way, I can only thank mirrormoon for even doing this. I don’t see anyone else bothering to, even Fate/Stay Night~!! ^_^

  8. After almost 2 years in the making (I think) the project seems to be going ahead at such an marvelous rate. Keep up the good work and can’t wait till the beta-testing starts.

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