Tsukihime Status Update

Well, I have to say that beta has -not- started.

This is my fault I guess… I have too much on my hands at the moment. The end of my first semester of uni is nearing and there is less and less free time as all my assesment are due (I have 5 this week). Then after that it’s the finals, which are all worth 50%.

I’m not going to have time to get the beta started until my holidays start (which happens to be the June 23).

I’m extremely sorry for this but Tsukihime will be playable in English this year, I promise.


16 thoughts on “Tsukihime Status Update

  1. Thanks for all the support everyone ^_^

    I handed in my last piece of assessment… then all I have are my exams. If I do have time though I will try to get beta started soon…

  2. quote: “Tsukihime will be playable in English this year, I promise”

    that’s 6 more months.
    dont worry and take your time chendo ^_^

  3. Seems i missed the beta testing sign up.(damn finals) But playing it again this year sounds good (only english this time) keep up the good work.

    Its been long sins i fought in midgard.Freya from Valkyrie Provile

  4. Good to see you have your prioritees straight chump. I also have summer classes during the whole summer and I know where you’re coming from. How about I use this as an excuse when I get a lil’ late/lazy with the beta testing xP. I’ll just say “Give me a lil’ more time k? I mean, we all let you easy because of your school load!” Hehe. Good luck on your exams.

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