36 thoughts on “Tsukihime editing rewrite: Complete

  1. Congratulations on achieving such an impressive feat. This is an achievement that won’t soon be forgotten.

    I can’t wait to finally read this in English.

  2. Actually, we ran into a snag while inserting. Hopefully chendo and I will have it hammered out in the next few days. We are still going to internally test the game before release though, and fix any insertion bugs that might pop up, and make sure the game is playable in all the possible ways it is meant to be before public release.

  3. Great job Ryuusoul! You’ve done the job that should have only taken a couple months to do! For that, I thank you! Duke of Doujin power!

  4. Oh damn, my comment got lost! *tries to remember what he said*
    Congrats! can’t wait to read the translation, i signed up just say this 🙂 I’m a big tsukihime fan.
    good luck for the future.

  5. Whoa! O.o
    I cant believe it! Now I could play ma tsukihime!
    Who said this couldnt be done(Someone said it over the revolve forums). Lav ya all’.Lav ya all’.Lav ya all’.Lav ya all’.


    BTW, xev will you revive the meltyblood project?
    and would you release a no H-version?

  6. MB is already all-age. If you’re referring to a non-h version of Tsukihime, I am currently still working on that as you can read in the forums.

  7. Wow awesomes. Btw why didnt you put that in the projects(upper right). Darn it this sites too awesome do you guys have RSS?

    EDIT: i saw the RSS(lower left). sorry bout that. XD

  8. The Melty Blood project has resumed, and Ryuusoul is actively translating right now. As for inserting on the game, everything will need to be pre-edited before I do that, plus I need to sit down and finalize the font.

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