a new chapter in the life of chendo

A new chapter in the life of chendo begins soon as university starts tomorrow. Orientation day was fun, the highlight of the day being a post-it note with “stuck in post-it note factory, send help”. I’m going to QUT Gardens Point, so if you’re going there too, try not to stalk me, although I will accept presents of gratitude and dates with fangirls ;p

Anyway, I was overseas for around ten days and I just got back last Tuesday. I was in Taiwan visiting relatives mainly, although I came back with a new computer. Well, not really came back, as I posted it and now Customs wants to tax me, the bastards. I save $500 either way, so it’s not that bad.

New box’s specs:
AMD X-2 3800+ (overclocked to 2.4ghz)
2x1gb Kingston HyperX RAM
DFI NF4-D mobo, SLI and SATA2 modded
2x WD 320gb SATA2 16mb cache HDs
2x ASUS all-format burners
2x Gigabyte 6800GS PCI-e SLI

This box will let me play around with the newest technology (SLI, SATA2, RAID, dual-core, double-channel RAM, overclocking and whatnot) since my box is old and almost dying, old and sucks in general.

Just a little side news regarding mirror moon, Ryuusoul got sick of slow rewrite speeds so he’s doing it himself. Melty Blood’s going somewhere and we have a new secret project under way (no prizes for guessing what, though).

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