me life

hokay. so. me life.

Christmas. Impulse-bought myself a sexy Logitech G15. Sexy. Got a phat Rip Curl wallet, btw… my old one was falling to bits (like 3 months old, gg).

Went to a New Years Eve party, nothing too special. Went to a gathering at the same place, got smashed, good fun.

(Sorry for lack of details btw, I can’t recall anything interesting. Yes, I can recall stuff. Sorta.)

In WoW.. I quit my old guild cause of drama reasons and was solo for like 4 days… then joined Revanche (<3). We're a decent guild, MC on farm status, and we don't give a crap what spec you are. So I'm a feral druid and I dps on trash mobs in MC (and when I OoM in boss fights, I go into cat and dps :D). Currently I'm decked out in three epics (two being PVP rewards, lol), mostly blues and a green. For feral gear. Otherwise on me I carry 41 equipable items (not including the ones I'm wearing), and these include a healing set (4/8 Cenarion with Stormrage Helm :D), a pvp set and other misc stuff I replace if I'm low on durability. Some screenshots of my time in WoW here. I have some nice crits on casters there, mostly in my -PVP- gear, which focuses on feral-inclined but has enough other stats for caster pvp. Oh, and I’m around 10th on DPS charts in MC, beating most of the warlocks (cause they banish a lot), some of the mages and the occasional hunter or rogue. Funny thing is, in ZG yesterday I was asked to heal, yet they put me in with a warrior, two rogues and a hunter. Oh well.

Enough WoW.

I got recently hooked on to Pendulum, some phat drum and bass a friend introduced me to. He said it was like a prodigy of Prodigy. Yah. Something like that.

Oh, I went up the coast for few days with mates and some girls I have probably met before but due to my memory hating proper nouns I couldn’t remember their names. Although I did manage to tell that a girl had her hair straightened, dyed and cut. Go me!

And I’m setting up a blog at (redirects to, but it’s still empty as it’s still on the setting up stage. WordPress is kinda new to me and I’m not sure what to put on there cause I dun want girls to think I’m just a nerdy pervert who plays WoW or something.

… I am much, much more. :3

And before the movies today, we were outside the cinemas scouting for free internet. Yes, we found some (unsecured ftw), logged into the routers for fun (didn’t change anything, lol), see what else was on the network, etc. I found an IP that was up, tried to view it in explorer… came up with a username/password box. Guest didn’t work, but Administrator with no password did 😀

Quick look told me it was a POS of some sort. I couldn’t figure out where it was at but we found some juicy files like Stock.mdb but couldn’t open cause friend’s laptop lacked office. gg.

Got my uni ID as well… I’ll be doing Bachelor of IT at QUT Gardens Point :D. Just gotta ninja all the best lecture and tutorial times >:3

But yeah, that’s my life for now.

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