Update on teh life.

Yeah, been busy recently.

Like playing WoW all day. Yeah, right.

Anyhow, been running good old MC, but we can’t down Domo cause we ragequit 8 hours into the run cause it’s late/early in the US, and today we ragequit at Garr cause we only had 2 warlocks and the tanks couldn’t hold aggro.

Started a character on Frostmourne, level 17 NE druid named Leraf, send some gold my way kthxbai.

Otherwise, I’m messing with Rockbox on my iRiver H340, phat firmware, btw, and I recently started coding some Drupal modules for running manga scanslation sites since I reckon manga-sketchbook.org needs new backend. MangaNuke was my half-assed effort but I never finished it. Writing modules in Drupal is sooooo much easier. Don’t have to mess with AJAX or caching myself.

And the OPs were released yesterday or something, but I couldn’t get it cause I didn’t sign up for Smart OP. OPs are pretty much one of the most important marks you get. All university courses have an OP requirement, and medicine and whatever needs an OP1. Usually. OPs range from 1-25, and it’s done like a bell-curve; OP25s are often harder to get than OP1s.

I need an OP2 to get into the scholarship course I want, but I probably won’t get that… WoW and CAM screwed me over in the last two terms. I won’t get anything lower than a 5, I hope.

And yeah, we have something new coming.


And you might already know. If so, keep quiet. There’s no rush.

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