Added ‘inversion’ theme, clearing up some questions

Okay, I made an inverted version of the theme, you can change it in ‘my account’ down the side if you are logged in. You can also choose the visibility for some of the blocks at the side of the screen. Made a nice little python script to invert all the values within the CSS, quite useful.

Also, someone asked where the graph was. I haven’t gotten around to remaking it so it’s actually somewhat understandable and accurate, but that will be coming later. For now, I can tell you that it’s been proofed completely, but we are going over the translation again to fix up some issues with dashes and ellipses as dmpk2k works on the menus and Takajun works on the credits.

I have added the blogs system and all staff have blogging access. Feel free to blog, fellas!

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